A graduate of Cornell University and Sackler School of Medicine, I have been practicing Holistic Medicine in NYC since 2002.    In addition to being an experienced allopathic (Western) medical doctor, I am also a Master Hypnotherapist certified by the Local 472 Union and advocate Ayurvedic Healing, Herbology, and Energy Treatment.  In my spare time, I hang out with my family, read books, and learn languages.

For those of you, who would like a personal weight loss consultation:  If you live in or near NYC, feel free to call my office at 212-580-0900 to make an appointment;  If you live far away, just use my virtual Uberdoctor™service by going to a green eVisit button on my professional website DTPdoctors.com – this way, you and I can communicate virtually.

Also, Once you have read the book and downloaded the App, I encourage you to join my free Facebook group, ‘Diet Slave No More!’ for interactive and inspirational experience.  You can ask me and other members questions, share stories of your weight loss journey, photos, recipes, and whatever else you feel will motivate other members to achieve their goals naturally and forever.

Here is to your good health!


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