An App


     Are you a slave of diets that don’t work? Create a lasting change by uncovering your inner tools. This fun and inspiring journey will help you achieve the weight loss which seemed impossible!
Meet your loyal and awesome weight loss Buddy.
He will always be there by your side, helping you to achieve and maintain your optimal weight.
This App is very easy to follow and lots of fun.
The path to a healthier you doesn’t have to be miserable. Diet Slave No More! makes the journey enjoyable and entertaining. No restrictions. No pills. Just—finally—weight loss that can last!
This app is based on research facts described in a companion book called ‘Diet Slave No More!’ written by Dr.Svetlana Kogan – available on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles.
Once you have read the book and downloaded the App, I encourage you to call
239-676-6883 to join the ‘Diet Slave No More!’ program – so that you will never have to diet again.

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