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Testimonial by verified patient Michael Luongo:

“I had the most fortunate luck this past summer when I decided to get a new doctor. I selected Dr. Kogan for her outstanding reputation as an internist. Before the visit, I also discovered that she had written this book. I ordered it as soon as I left her office. She did not push it on me. In fact, she didn’t even mention it during my exam! She is a class act. Fast forward to today…Having read it, I have been able to easily reset my synapses. I cannot say enough about it. Her book has taught me more about healthy eating than every single program and book that I have read/tried in my 53 years. I have been an early childhood educator for almost 30 years, and I wish that Dr. Kogan would also write a book for children. It is incredibly informative, entertaining, and left me feeling upbeat about actually looking forward to making the emotional and dietary changes that one needs to lead a healthy, long life. Everybody who has struggled with emotional eating must read this book! The accompanying app makes it even more fun! It Changed My Life. Thanks, Dr. Kogan!


Testimonial by verified patient Simon Mills:

“Dr. Kogan has achieved the seemingly impossible goal of communicating a complex subject in understandable terms. This book unlocks answers to questions that have vexed me – and apparently a hefty percentage of the world’s population – for a lifetime. Why am I fat? Who would have guessed that the answer would include “BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT EATING ENOUGH!”. I was certainly eating enough food but not at the right frequency, not the right types, at the right times, and often too much at once. Fasting makes me fatter and sicker. Starving myself makes me fatter and sicker. But eating the right amount of the right type of food no more than 3 hours apart makes me lose weight. It seems so simple when you finally understand how all the parts work together. If Dr. Kogan wrote a book on surgery I feel like I could pick up a scalpel and get straight to work. She’s that good at teaching.”


Testimonial by verified patient Dr.Alan Hilfer:

“I thoroughly enjoyed and was motivated by Dr. Kogan’s book. It is a personal and extremely entertaining narrative of Dr. Kogan’s journey into and through medicine as well as a useful and practical approach to eating. She makes extremely important points about the way we eat and provides useful and easy suggestions for managing our eating habits. There is an engaging intimacy to Dr. Kogan’s writing that allows the reader to feel as if they can readily know and trust her. Her holistic as well as medical perspectives offer an insight into our own sometimes less that healthy habits and behaviors. Her ideas to help us manage your eating are backed up by easy to understand explanations. The book is easy to read and equally as easy to follow.”


Testimonial by verified patient Tasnuva Taveras:

“This book truly changed the way I think. For so long I thought just eating the right things and exercising would help you things and exercising would help you reach your goals, until it didn’t! Not only does this book give you step by step guidelines, it’s easy to read and follow. Dr. Kogan writes as if she’s in the room talking to you herself. I really heard her voice in my head as I read! You won’t regret this purchase. It’s one of the smartest investments for yourself!”


Testimonial by Alexandra:

“I strongly recommend this book! This is far from a fad diet book or a run of the mill trending recipe book that restricts you to lose the weight. It is about food for health, wellness along with insights for happiness. I found it to be a holistic departure from the run of the mill as it explained difficult medical terms and nutrition based processes in a simple story-like manner that was highly engaging and so very accessible. I read the book in a day. And, I feel empowered with new techniques for managing my body via nutrition. Highly motivational, it was also an entertaining read, as it is told by the doctor’s own extemporaneous and down-right humorous style. I was really surprised it such a page turner. But, the introductory stories of the doctor’s medical experiences on healing, living and even death were compelling and very moving. I’m also downloading the recommended app, and am well on my way. This book gave me the real insight (not what you read about food via trending media channels).
Dr. Kogan is clearly a formidable healer on a passionate mission to make a change in the way we nurture our bodies.”


Testimonial by L.S.:

“How can I put it? I have not felt better in years! I am eating everything I like and my friends are amazed at how I am eating all the time and losing weight. Reading this book changed my life. Thanks, Dr.Kogan!”


Book Reviews:

 By Christian Sia for Readers’ Favorite

“Diet Slave No More!: A Fun Literary Journey Into Your Self by Svetlana Kogan, M.D. is one of the best things I have read in a very long time about dieting and weight control. One doesn’t feel like one is reading a very brilliantly formulated sales pitch from a writer who barely knows what they are talking about. With the infinite list of weight loss books on the market, it’s really hard, even impossible, to find what works. But this is most certainly a book that will help millions of people who are battling weight issues. The author doesn’t offer the magic ingredient that readers often look for, or the get-slim-overnight formulas that are very tempting. Instead, the author offers a very holistic approach to creating lasting health, and helps readers discover that they have the key to a life of physical wealth and happiness.

Readers who are looking for weight loss solutions that can last will find answers in Diet Slave No More!, a book that combines Western and Eastern approaches to health and happiness to create a path that will allow readers to journey towards personal health, weight loss, and happiness without experiencing the stress and frustrations that come with pills and dieting. The author’s experience as a medical practitioner and an expert in the field gives this book a lot of credibility. Svetlana Kogan, M.D writes with uncommon clarity and uses humor and a narrative style to deliver the message in a way that is both informative and entertaining. You’ll find your own path to wellness and weight loss in these pages.”

By Rufina Oserio for Reader’s Favorite:

“In Diet Slave No More!: A Fun Literary Journey Into Your Self, Svetlana Kogan, M.D. offers readers a brand new approach to healthy living and to handling weight issues. Is there a formula for weight loss and health that works for everyone? This is the question that many diet books do not answer, but one which finds a central place in this book. The author doesn’t offer a one-size-fits-all path towards weight loss, but instead guides readers to identifying their innate tools and how to use them to achieve the results they want. This book will enable readers to understand who they are and to create their own path towards their ideal weight. The title may make readers think that this book is centered on dieting, but it debunks the myths about dieting and points readers to the spiritual path that can lead them to their weight loss goals.

Svetlana Kogan, M.D. comes across as an expert in health and fitness, but there is a spiritual aspect that gives life to the entire message of this easy-to-read and eye-opening book. Diet Slave No More! is well-written in a style that is accessible and will be enjoyed by a wide audience. The author uses a combination of personal, interesting, and entertaining stories with scientific knowledge to deliver a message that readers seeking answers to weight issues will find timely and very appropriate. This is one of the books in the area of dieting and weight loss that will appeal to a wider audience because of its non-pretentiousness in providing a magic weight loss formula, and also because it encourages readers to find their own path. I won’t hesitate to recommend this book to anyone seeking to improve their health by taking control of their weight. Insightful, inspiring, and informative.”


Reviewed by Diane Donovan of The Midwest Book Review:

“Diet Slave No More!: A Fun Literary Journey into Your Self is an unexpected journey in that it’s not another book on “how to diet”. Instead, its holistic approach combines the medical traditions of East and West as it considers the fact that typical dieting strategies just don’t work, and it reviews a new idea that offers better balance and insights.

Where most diet books advocate a singular program that can be followed by all, Diet Slave No More maintains that in order to achieve lasting results, diet efforts must be customized and tailored to and by the individual dieter.

This is further emphasized by the fact that ninety-seven percent of those who lost weight gained all of it back within a few years, neatly demonstrating that artificial weight loss efforts not backed by deeply life-changing strategies are likely only temporary achievements.

One of the purposes of Diet Slave No More is to provide medical insights into weight gain and loss and what occurs on a metabolic and physical level when one’s diet changes. Discussions move to a cellular level as they probe how food is digested and absorbed into the system.

A touch of metaphysical insight adds to Dr. Kogan’s approach, as well: “By coming to understand that your Cells are highly intelligent by design, you are not committing to any religion or a cult. You are simply coming to terms with why you were born perfect and why you are such a mess today. And what’s more: you are learning to tap into your birthright–your cellular integrity, to recreate your perfection.”

Specifics of emotional ties to food are revealed (“Just like a positive emotion, like hearing your beloved calling you with a cup of coffee, can strengthen your positive perception of an object, in this case coffee, the negative emotion will cause predictable results. Even if only one of the five senses is suddenly conveying an unpleasant emotion, the overall perception of an object will be affected dramatically. A cup of coffee offered by someone you resent will make this beverage tough to swallow. So, emotions are always there, accompanying our five senses, feeding into them, and getting nourished by them.”), backed by the latest research, the author’s case history examples, and discussions of how perception and taste play a part in food choices.

Part of the book promotes an accompanying app of the same name – Diet Slave No More! – as part of a plan to link outside world experiences with reinforcements for habit change, which can be as basic as eating healthy at home before an event or outing to adopting a slower pace of life and an organic, non-GMO-based diet.

The result advocates not one approach, but a series of psychological, physical, and spiritual insights into the mechanics of eating, diets, and decision-making and choices that will help readers realize and define a better path for overall health. Serial dieters will be surprised and delighted with a book that doesn’t advocate yet another regimen, and which blends science with anecdotes and examples from real-life situations.”